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Faceless (Slenderman x Reader) Part 7
*Beep!* *Beep!* Beep!*
"Mmmmmhhh..." You groaned sitting up to turn off your morning alarm.
Suddenly a wave of confusion hit you. Like....
Like you were forgetting something important.
You jumped out of bed and looked around, your Tv was still on, playing early morning cartoons.
"Oh wait... Thats right. I fell asleep..." You muttered, heading to the bathroom to take a shower.
You dressed in a simple black hoodie with the words 'Make Pasta Not War' on it and faded blue jeans.
You brushed your hair but stopped abruptly when you looked at yourself in the mirror.
You were so pale...
You shook your head and grabbed your backpack
Walking down the stairs you began to feel lightheaded.
Amberlyn was already dressed in a lavender silk top, a plaid skirt, and gray flats.
She spotted you, a look of concern on her face.
"You alright _____? You look washed out." She frowned. "You want some of my makeup?"
"N-no... I'm fine. I'm just really sleepy." You muttered, following Amberlyn out t
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 463 440
Jeff the Killer x Reader - Sweet Dreams (Part 15)
Jeffs POV
In this night I dreamt something weird. I didn't see anything, a dark blindfold covered my eyes and I felt that I was tied to a pillar or something like this. A cold draft touched my bare body, then I felt someone entering the room.
"Jeff...", a cute voice whispered. "Jeff..."
"W...who is this...", I whispered.
"You know who I am, Jeff..."
The owner of the voice was somewhere in front of me. The girl cautionary touched my stomach with her fingertips, then let them slide up to my chest.
"Jeff... Say it... Say you want me...", she whispered in my ear.
Her fingers slid under the blindfold and I could see...
"Wake up, Jeff!"
I felt a pillow thrown into my face and shoved tiredly the sleeping mask aside. What was that? Just a dream?
(Y/n) was sitting in front of me on the bed, the one strap from her (f/c) nightgown fallen down her shoulder. Her hair was a bit destroyed although she looks rather pretty... Her (e/c) eyes gave me a confused look.
"What are you staring at? You
:iconaletheiya:Aletheiya 150 64
Love You No Matter What: JeffXReader (4/5)
Both Jeff and (y/n) didn’t go to school for the rest of the week. Then Saturday came, and while (y/n) had planned to just sleep in, her mother came in and opened the curtains, letting the light fill the room.
“Agh, moooooom~” (y/n) groaned, rubbed at her shut eyes.
“(y/n), get up, we’re leaving soon.”
“Huh? Leaving for what?”
“Billy’s party, don’t you remember?” (y/n) gave her mother a “are you serious?” look.
“Mom, please tell me you’re joking. After what happened . . . . I don’t think I’m in the best shape for a party.”
“(y/n), I know that you were really close with Jeff and Liu, but what happened has happened, and you can’t let that hold you back form having a good time. This party maybe just what you need to help you get back to your old self.”
“Highly doubt it,” (y/n) mumbled.
“It doesn’t matter, get up and get dressed. Come do
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 128 105
Ezio x Reader
Ezio x reader
| | Mornings: : : . . .
Ezio slowly opened the door, only to find ( Y/N ) in the covers of their bed, her head hidden in the biggest pillow. He assumed she was asleep. He took his pajama shirt off and slippers, and crawled in bed next to her, slowly as to not wake her up. She stirred a bit at first, enough to pull her face out of the pillow and mumble something inaudible. Ezio chuckled a bit in order not to wake her and gently pressed his lips to her forehead, lingering a bit for a moment.
To his surprise, the woman had not woken up to the touch. He took this opportunity and decided to play with her hair, running his fingers calmly through them, untangling a few knots on the way.
Little did he know, she was wide awake, she just wanted to take advantage of this lovely moment they were having.
He then started to caress her cheek softly while gazing out the window, hearing the small birds chirp, and placed it then back at her.
"Ti amo." He whispered lowly, approaching her li
:iconwafflez-xx:Wafflez-xX 130 12
Eleventh Doctor x Reader 11
    For what seemed like forever the Doctor searched for you, hoping that you were okay. The sound of his hearts pounded in his ears as he ran from one corner to another, shouting your name. The knots in his stomach only got tighter every minute he wasted looking. Eventually, the door he had found a while ago seemed like the only answer.
    The Doctor paused at the door and pulled out his sonic screwdriver, hoping that unlocking the door would be easy. Sadly, it was more complicated than computers from the 95th century. He still hacked away, pressing buttons and numbers and finally he unlocked the door. It opened with such a jerk that it scared the Doctor.
    As he cautiously stepped in, the first thing he saw was the emotionless, metal face of a Cyberman. Rust had pooled out of its eyes and mouth like tears that had dried up over years of waiting. Of course, it has to be the Cybermen, the Doctor thought, but he couldn't deny that he was scared.
:iconhewasnumber1:hewasnumber1 166 55



Honestly, I really don't know how to feel right now. Everyone gets into trouble because of me! It's as if I'm a bad luck charm! Like I'm the counter-curse if you lose the rabbits foot! I really don't like being that kind of person. I feel like Alex got her phone taken because of me and no Toni is probably in trouble because of me! All my friends get in trouble because of me! Why is it always be that's a magnet for my friends punishments? I hate it! It's time like these that I just wanna disappear! I'VE ALREADY HAD A SHITTY WEEKEND! My dad turns to me and says "What is your problem? Jeez are all gay people like this?" I gave him a death glare and he laughed! HE. FUCKING. LAUGHED! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING TREATED LIKE A DOORMAT! EVERYONE COMES TO ME WITH THEIR PROBLEMS! I want my bubble back! So no one would talk to me. That's what I need. Time off. A week by myself. That'd be nice. NO communication with the outside world. Just me, food and music. That's it. That'd be great! Just me, alone, in Stark tower. I'd love that! But no. Laws say I'm not allowed to do that! STUPID LAWS AND GOVERNMENT! I AM A FREE HUMAN! I swear to god if someone pisses me off anymore then I'm gonna go bat-shit crazy! Grrrrrr! Rant over!


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Lauren Griffin
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Finally I have made a new DA! It took ages but WTF I'm bored. I cosplay, I'm british and I love Parle Productions! They are so funny and they inspired me to cosplay. I'm happy to make new friends but no hate or shizz like that!


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